Steel Alborz’s Social Media Video Post

Production of Steel Alborz Video Content

Steel Alborz Brand is one of the good and professional customers of Parmoon Tarh advertising agency.
In the latest joint project between us and this brand in the field of digital marketing, we produced video content for Steel Alborz ‘s social networks. In this advertising video, we have defined the lifestyle for Steel Alborz as follows. The kitchen is no longer a boring place for mother. Not only isn’t tedious, even it may bring family members closer together, with emotions and family feelings.

Client Name: Steel Alborz

Date: In Ordibehesht 1399

Type of Service Provided: Ideation, directing, video content production, digital marketing

Brand Activity Field: Kitchen appliances

Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): Steel Alborz intended to establish a closer relationship with the audience on social media by introducing its products as a tool to facilitate today’s lifestyle.

Campaign Purpose: Increasing the awareness of the audience about the category of kitchen products, and emphasizing the comfort of the family with Steel Alborz ‘s products.

Steel Alborz's Photo Shoot

Solution (the idea presented by Parmoon Tarh):

In an effective collaboration in the field of digital marketing with Steel Alborz brand, we tried to produce video content by moving away from the unrealistic space and Conventional advertising decoration and also by considering the customer’s challenge and purposeful ideation. The result of this project is the advertising video as you see. In addition to this video, photography was also another part of the result of this collaboration between Parmoon Tarh and Steel Alborz. We will share them with you soon. In this advertising video and photo collection, we tried to introduce the variety of products and its impact on life by emphasizing the comfort of the family, in a completely human atmosphere. In this advertising video, which was published on Steel Alborz ‘s official pages on social media, we tried to emphasize the family’s cooperation in cooking.

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