Saraye Abrisham’s ATL Campaign

  • Project Name: Saraye Abrisham ATL Campaign
  • Client Name: Saraye Abrisham
  • Date: Spring 1398
  • Type of Service Provided: Ideation, Graphic Design
  • Brand Activity Field: Production and Supplier of Carpet
  • Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): Environmental advertising campaign with a branding approach and based on the new identity of the Saraye Abrisham
  • Solution (the idea presented by Parmoon Tarh):

The main idea of the Saraye Abrisham brand is based on butterfly, cocoon and silk. The essence of the brand is women, art and choice. In the campaign ideation, the butterfly plays a central role by considering the brand’s idea. Two ideas were implemented in this campaign. The first idea is based on the fact that the butterfly chooses beauty instinctively. This sketch is designed from the perspective of a butterfly which emerging from a cocoon, and it has been shown that the butterfly seeks beauty from the first moment and sees the beauty of the flower. In this design, proportional to the idea, the slogan “Butterfly’s Choice Is Beautiful” has been chosen for it, which refers to the process of transformation in the life of the butterfly. The process that a butterfly chooses to convert from a silkworm to a beautiful butterfly.

In the second design, the central role is focused on the butterfly. In this design, more emphasis is placed on the issue of beautiful selection. The selected model shows the butterfly that chooses the most beautiful flower in the plain full of flowers and it refers to the butterfly’s beauty-loving nature. In this design, proportional to the idea, the slogan “Butterfly is beautiful because of its selection” was used. In this design, we tried to point out the beautiful and unique choices that have been provided for the audience in the Saraye Abrisham.

Photo Gallery Saraye Abrisham’s ATL Campaign

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