LG Products Promotion Campaign on the occasion of Nowruz

  • Project Name: Environmental Advertising (ATL)
  • Client Name: Goldiran Company
  • Date: Winter 1392 to Khordad 1393
  • Type of Service Provided: Ideation, Graphic Design
  • Brand Activity Field: Home Appliances
  • Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): LG Products Promotion Campaign on the Occasion of Nowruz


  • Campaign Purpose:
    • The sales increase of LG products in the New Year shopping season
    • Encouraging audiences to shop and also getting them interested in campaign promises
    • Creating joy and excitement in the audience of this campaign due to the coincidence of the beginning of the New Year and the FIFA World Cup.
  • Project Requirements:
    • Emphasis on displaying LG products in all advertising media
    • lack of using the World Cup logo and the names of the football players
    • Emphasis on festival of new year (Eid) discounts as well as special discounts on Iran’s goals in the World Cup
    • Prioritize football and the World Cup and then Nowruz
    • Creating excitement in the audience
  • Solution (the idea presented by Parmoon Tarh):

The idea provided for the campaign was defined by considering two important events. (Nowruz and the World Cup). It was suggested that instead of holding a three-month campaign, a six-month campaign be held, during which the amount of promotion considered should be paid to customers in two ways. The first part is paid in the form of a discount at the time of purchase and as a second part, a certain percentage of the amount of goods purchased will be returned to the customer in the form of a cash repayment program for each goal scored by the national team in the World Cup.


The main idea used in this campaign is happiness. This happiness is displayed in the form of people’s joy after scoring goal by the national team, but the reason of this happiness is not just due to scoring goal by the national team and another reason is LG’s cash repayment program and the receipt of money for each goal scored which multiplies the happiness of the audience. In the graphic environment used in this campaign, the home space has become to a stadium space, and we see a child who embracing a football player and making goal celebration.

The slogan chosen for this campaign is very familiar and so popular among football fans and they use it, when a team wins, “Thank you guys.” This slogan both refers to the scored goal and its joy, and also to the fact that the scored goal causes the audience receive the cash. The campaign was conducted in the form of posters, billboards, brochures, flash banners and more.

Photo Gallery LG Products Promotion Campaign on the occasion of Nowruz

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