Hamrahe Aval’s Digital campaign

  • Client Name: Hamrahe Aval
  • Date: Aban to Bahman 1397
  • Type of Service Provided: Digital campaign
  • Brand Activity Field: Mobile Operator
  • Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): Designing a digital campaign based on the offline campaign of “Million’s Packages”
  • Campaign Purpose: Encouraging the Hamrahe Aval’s subscribers to buy data packages and make more use of mobile internet.
  • Project Requirements: Creating an online campaign by using the idea of offline campaign of million’s packages. The campaign has two phases, Pre-Opening and Opening.
  • Solution (the idea presented by Parmoon Tarh):

The main idea of the campaign is based on the same idea of million’s packages. In the first phase of Pre-Opening, an attempt was made to attract the audience’s attention to what was in these packages by displaying a warehouse-like space that is full of different packages and what is going to happen from the first of Azar? On the other hand, the curiosity of the audience will be aroused, by choosing the slogan of packages that are not ordinary.



The second phase refers to the breadth and availability of unusual packages throughout the city. In this phase, more explanations about packages are provided and ways to activate them are further demonstrated.



In the third phase, the lottery time and the deadline for purchasing the desired packages and also participating in the lottery are discussed. In this campaign, we have tried to encourage the audience to use the remaining time and activate and use more of the packages.



In addition to being published these videos on the Hamrahe Aval official page, were posted on 16-influencer Instagram pages (which were collaborated with them in this campaign). After introducing the campaign, videos with real-world techniques and also motion graphics were produced and posted on the Hamrahe Aval page to answer the audience’s various questions about the campaign and give them more awareness.


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