Hamrahe Aval’s ATL campaign

  • Client Name: Hamrahe Aval Company
  • Date: 1392
  • Type of Service Provided: Ideation, Graphic Design
  • Brand Activity Field: Mobile Operator
  • Initial Challenge (brief provided by the Client): Development of TV advertisements in environmental media and Journals to introduce the charge transfer service
  • Solution (the idea presented by Parmoon Tarh): 

At the first, the most important and key sequences were selected by examining the TV commercial and then it was rebuilt for use in environmental advertising or journals. The main issues addressed in the advertisement was the issues raised in the father-son conversation and finally, the solution of the problem was displayed in the outputs. In this design, the train wagon was used to attract the audience’s attention, and the conversation clouds were used to express the face of the problem and its solution so that it could convey the desired message at a glance.

Photo Gallery Hamrahe Aval’s ATL campaign

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