Our story

درباره آژانس تبلیغاتی پرمون‌طرح

It was more than 20 years ago that we started our work as a novice(beginner) advertising agency. Over time, we moved on the maze of advertising and gained a lot of experience. With the rapid and impressive changes that have taken place in the field of communication and change in the world of media, we have become more flexible and have sought solutions to business communication issues. We have grown and developed and now, as a full-service advertising agency, we are moving by our customer’s side. In the world of advertising, we have learned many lessons from the past, at the moment, we are doing our best to create a bright future for ourselves and our companions.

Our Customers Quote

ایران کارت
Iran Card

Hereby, we would like to announce our gratitude and appreciation because of your good cooperation and tireless efforts and also your new and intelligent ideas which have helped us in Iran Kart project to achieve our goal in the best way.
Wish you success in all your life.

لوگو ایرتویا از مشتریان شرکت تبلیغاتی پرمون طرح

Parmoon Tarh, with energetic, responsible and expert staff.
In a word, I am satisfied.
Mr. Amani is a manager who works hard with the staff.
Mr. Farshad Moghadam / Toyota Artistic Manager


One of the Domino’s good experiences was working with the lovely staffs’ Parmoon. A sympathetic, friendly and professional group, just like a family, which we could safely trust.

Demino Public Relations Manager

لوگو ریل پرداز سیر از مشتریان آژانس تبلیغاتی پرمون طرح
Rail Pardaz Seir

If you want to work professionally and without any stress, you have no choice except to work with Parmoon Tarh. In our opinion, if you want a good and timely result, your answer is Parmoon Tarh. It has always been so, for us.
Thank you, dear Parmoon Tarh.
Head of Public Relations

فروشگاه خاجی مشتری کانون تبلیغاتی پرمون طرح
Khaji Store

During the several meetings we had for consulting and scenarios, respecting and paying attention to the customers’ opinions seems to be the most important thing.
At the same time, during the filming, the professional and very patient and thoughtful staff of “Parmoon Tarh” worked hard to make the Teaser.
We would like to thank every one of the teaser makers who have reviewed and responded to our requests with complete calm all this time, and wish them success.

همراه اول
Hamrahe Aval

Parmoon Tarh is agile, flexible and a good choice for projects, and in one word, it’s the best option for high-pressure projects in limited time, such as Telecom.